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NCD Alliance:
Enough. Campaign

Death and illness caused by noncommunicable diseases bring suffering and heartache to millions of people worldwide every year – those who live with the diseases, as well as their families and friends. 70% of all deaths worldwide result from NCDs. Enough. is an on-going campaign, organised by the NCD Alliance, driving meaningful action in support of this worldwide issue.

Logo Design

UX & Wireframes

The brief was to create a long flowing website that would drive users towards engaging with the campaign, whether it be by sharing information through custom-built forms, or subsequent offline action. A detailed wireframing phase was completed to hone in on these objectives.

Web Design

The final look of the site was bold, colourful and impactful, drawing the readers eye towards the important campaign information. The interactive nature of the site has played a huge part in the running of the campaign, allowing supporters to engage and submit their stories.

Web Development


As well as creating the online campaign, branded items were developed to facilitate the spreading of the campaign message offline. We achieved this through a series of marketing, clothing and graphic mock-ups – all combining to create a clear vision.